Startup Comedy Roast 2016 Profile: Robin

Robin Co-founder Justin Crandall moved his family to Dallas because of the startup ecosystem here. Dallas based Dialexa proved to be such a great resource for product design, development and raw talent--he felt he had no choice. Robin brings 21st century convenience to the $40 billion yard care industry. At you can instantly get an affordable quote online with nothing but your address--no phone calls required. They solve the problem of unreliable and unresponsive lawncare. We hate to call it "Uber for lawncare" but we just did. Justin co-founded Robin with former Air Force officer Bart Lomont.


What has Robin got most from the Dallas ecosystem?

A close 2nd to Dialexa is the support they've gotten from local angels, with VC guys like John Jaggers, Jeff Williams investing their personal capital, David Ward who has just launched Ward Ventures, and fellow entrepreneurs like George Baker of ParkHub, Derek Chapin of Vinli and Woot, etc. The tech angels have been great.

What does Robin need most from the Dallas ecosystem?

In Justin's (frank) words:

What we need more of though is A-round type expansion capital, and specifically capital for B2C businesses. There are no funds in Dallas that support B2C businesses in a meaningful way. The 2nd thing we need is investors that want to swing for the fences! We’ve got too many small funds that want to show strong IRRs by buying into companies at ridiculously low $1-2 MM valuations and then selling them for $5-6 MM. Yes that’s a 3-5x return and looks good to your LPs or your accountant, but it doesn’t create any kind of ecosystem. The only way to create a startup ecosystem is to build billion-dollar businesses that spin out future entrepreneurs. That’s hard to do when capital is thin, valuations are low, and “successful” exits are seen as $10-50MM.

If you have a lawn and live in Dallas or Austin, we cannot imagine why you wouldn't TryRobin.

Come meet the Justin, Bart and the Robin team along with 4 other hot Dallas area startups, and enjoy a bonus night of comedy on April 20th at the Dallas Comedy House.  

Get your tickets!


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