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Digital Dallas - < Art / Code >

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 06:00 PM · $20.00 USD · 23 rsvps
Aria Stone Gallery in Dallas, TX
< Art / Code > is back! Come see 25 of the coolest digital artists show you their magic. Curated by the winner of the 1st < Art / Code > digital art competition, Dallas' own David Rodriguez a.k.a. Dr Gorilla.  Here's a picture from the last < Art / Code > where a programmer extraordinaire made a digital graffiti spray paint can and canvas. Seriously. Grab a ticket and join us to see who might become your next creative director. Come and enjoy complimentary drinks and hors d'oeuvres and see where Nerd meets MoMa.  

Digital Dallas - Digital Fight Club

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 06:00 PM

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Startup Comedy Roast 2016 Profile: NoiseAware

With the ever-rising popularity of companies like VRBO, Airbnb and HomeAway; hosts and vacation rental managers now have to deal with an increase in noise complaints. Often, those responsible for the property don’t learn there’s an issue until they receive legal notification. This was the situation for local Airbnb host,...

Startup Comedy Roast 2016 Profile: KubOS

Space for Everyone At the risk of being unfairly biased... we LOVE this particular startup on tap to be roasted next week. Seriously, open source software enabling anyone to run experiments in space? Um, yea! And it's right here in DFW! Enter KubOS.

Startup Comedy Roast 2016 Profile: Robin

Robin Co-founder Justin Crandall moved his family to Dallas because of the startup ecosystem here. Dallas based Dialexa proved to be such a great resource for product design, development and raw talent--he felt he had no choice. Robin brings 21st century convenience to the $40 billion yard care industry. At

Startup Comedy Roast 2016 Profile: FANSeye

As the former Assistant General Manager for the Dallas Stars, Frank Provenzano brings his 17 years’ experience in professional sports management to the fantasy sports world with the global scouting app, FANSeye.  The app draws on Provenzano’s background to give fans a forum that is tailored specifically to the sports...

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