Digital Fight Club is going to be lights out (thanks to Accenture Digital)

Digital Dallas is pleased to welcome Accenture Digital as the Event Host for Digital Fight Club on August 24! As part of the world’s largest consulting firm, Accenture is a digital heavyweight here in Dallas, with more than 2,000 locally-based employees working to help their clients become truly digital businesses.  

Get ready, Dallas.

On August 24, we’re excited to bring you a magnificent twist on the typical panel experience with Digital Fight Club, a no-holds barred night of debates on the hotbed, undecided topics in digital technology today.

But, as any good purveyor of digital mayhem knows, none of this would be possible without the support of a ringleader of business and digital innovation in their own right. Yep, we’re talking about Accenture Digital, our official Event Host for Digital Fight Club!

Accenture Digital

We sat down with Accenture leadership to learn more about their commitment to Dallas and Digital:

Why is Accenture excited to be sponsoring the Digital Fight Club event?

We’re excited to get involved with Digital Dallas and bring thought-provoking, bold conversations about technology and the digital ecosystem to life. More than 2,000 people in our Dallas office serve a number of clients across multiple industries in our community.  We’ve been working closely with our clients as they undergo their digital transformations, towards becoming truly digital businesses. Our experts discuss the kinds of hot-topic issues we’ll see at Digital Fight Club with our clients each day, so this is a great way to take the Dallas temperature with industry colleagues and thought leaders.

What is Accenture Digital and how do you help clients?

Accenture Digital is one of the largest end-to-end providers of digital transformation capabilities in the world. We bring digital capabilities to businesses, organizations, and governments as they look to serve connected customers and operate their connected enterprises. Accenture Digital offers complete, integrated digital business and technology services—digital marketing, mobility, and analytics—to deliver tangible results for the real and virtual worlds. Digital is all about enabling clients to unleash the power of digital technologies to create new value.  

Through Accenture Digital, we combine our capabilities in interactive, mobility and analytics to help clients provide better experiences for the customers they serve, create new products and business models, use analytics and artificial intelligence to drive actionable insights and enhance their digital enterprise capabilities.

What does this look like in action?

Accenture Analytics is the Official Digital Partner for the Ducati Team racing in MotoGP. Accenture Interactive – recently named the world’s biggest and fastest growing agency by AdAge debuted an #iCannesDance app at the 2016 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity that’s available for you to check out, too, on your VR glasses. Simply download the app from iTunes or from Google Play and slip on your VR glasses to witness the digital dance party in action. And, Accenture Mobility is helping clients such as Metro de Madrid and Electric Ireland leverage the Internet of Things to transform their businesses. Our digital offerings support every phase of the digital journey.

(Andrew will be a judge at Fight club). Tell us about Andrew, his role at Accenture, and why he's looking forward to Fight Club.

Andrew Hopkins is a Managing Director and part of Accenture’s Internet of Things (IoT) practice. He oversees our collaboration with Intel and meets with our clients every day to discuss how IoT will impact their businesses and organizations and to help them get started and to realize value from their IoT investments.

Andrew will serve as Accenture’s judge at Digital Fight Club in August because he spends his days thinking how clients should take advantage of the new digital technologies – cloud, IoT, analytics and security-related to anticipate what’s coming, identify roadblocks and accelerators, and to make an educated decision on which is the best path forward. An opportunity to collaborate with thought leaders and hear compelling points of view is always a great way for Andrew to spend an evening.

So go crazy. Let ‘er rip.

Get your tickets to Digital Fight Club today, and remember, the first rule of Digital Fight Club is this: Talk about Digital Fight Club! (Seriously, tell everyone you know: Click to Tweet Now).