• Digital Fight Club 2017

    First rule of Fight Club...

    You talk about Fight Club!

    Back by overwhelmingly popular demand, we are heading to the Granada Theater on Lower Greenville for Round 2 of Digital Fight Club

    Ten of the sharpest wits in Dallas will spar in 5 "fights" on the hotbed, undecided topics in digital technology today. Fight Club is powered by Accenture Digital. Accenture Managing Director Andrew Hopkins, will once again lead a panel of 5 referees. The audience and Refs will judge the fights with our own Fight Club App. Mayhem, indeed!

    The Fight Card

    Fight #1: Driverless Cars

    Mark Haidar - CEO, Vinli vs Mike Courtney - CEO, Aperio

    Fight #2: Digital On-Demand Workforces

    Nick Clark - CEO, Common Desk vs Stephen Huerta - CEO, Workify

    Fight #3: Digital Storytelling

    Urvashi Pitre - CEO, Tasseologic vs Shon Rathbone - CEO, 3 Headed Monster

    Fight #4: Smart Homes

    Stuart Sikes - VP, People Power vs Dan Pidgeon - CEO Starpower/Chairman CES

    Fight #5: Artificial Intelligence

    Dave Copps - CEO, Brainspace vs Raju Kattumenu - CEO, Oculus360

    The Format

    • Opening salvo: 45 seconds each
    • Rebuttal: 30 seconds each
    • Ref's question: 15 seconds each
    • Ref's follow up: 15 seconds each

    Fight Referees

    Powered by

    Accenture Digital

    with help from:


    "Well, what do you want me to do? You just want me to hit you?"

    Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 06:00 PM
    Granada Theater in Dallas, TX
    4 RSVPs