• Surround Sound: A Music Technology Experience

    Stevie Wonder in his iconic song, Sir Duke, said “Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.”

    For anyone who has ever fallen in love with (or because of) a song, has felt as if a song is their song, or has felt a connection to notes on a page because of how it made them feel, how it made them connect-they know this to be true. Music is a part of our life’s story. All too often, however, that story is told in just one way.

    Though music speaks to us in a language, we usually find ourselves experiencing that language just in the sounds that we hear, but what if that language could be experienced in other ways? What if music could be felt, could be seen, could be tasted and could be heard in previously unimagined ways? What if movement could translate to song, and memory could be used to create its own music? What story would that tell? What symphonies would the five senses open up to us?

    That is the experience of Surround Sound.

    Surround Sound will immerse you in the music that has been the soundtrack of your life. By providing you with an opportunity to see, touch, taste and even smell your music, we will open up your minds to the reality that music can be more than just sounds from a stage or a song in your ears.

    By incorporating the best in interactive and experiential technology, and marrying them with the ingenuity of creative and forward thinking artists, this event will transform The Bomb Factory into a fully immersive theatrical experience for one night. This experience will be part concert, part showcase, part party and will connect you with other attendees, while connecting you more fully with the music.

    Come experience Surround Sound.

    Wednesday, November 02, 2016 at 07:00 PM
    The Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX
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