Broken Box: Turn first dates into seconds

When Pandora opened that silly box, she did the worst thing possible – she let loose that one question that’s plagued civilization ever since: so, what’re we doing tonight?

Ahhh, it’s the worst! Getting your significant other or group of friend’s consensus on what to eat, where you want to eat it and what you’re doing afterward is the worst kind of evil. So wouldn’t it be rad (yes, I’m a product of the 80s) if there was an app for getting you and your date on the same page with the push of a few buttons? Follow me here, wouldn’t it be great if there was a “group consensus” app?

Get Broken Box

Oh wait, there is! The brain child of Josh Stram, Broken Box is turning first dates into seconds, online profiles into real-world relationships and an otherwise boring night out with friends into something to Snap home about.

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“I was in my last semester of law school and was watching an episode of Shark Tank,” Josh told me, “and some guy turned down $30 million from Mark Cuban for his app! Thirty. Million. Dollars. I couldn’t believe it. The absurdity that I could work my entire life as an attorney and never rake in that kind of cash was mind numbing. So I dropped out of law school and well, here I am.”

A poker player by night, Josh is a self-prescribed risk taker. So dropping out of law school to pursue his 1% chance of striking online gold made total sense. I mean, the only regrets we have in life are the risks we never take, the chips we never play, right? Two years later and after long nights of sleeping on friends’ couches while he built up his business model and bank account, Josh struck genius and has figured out how to correct one of Pandora’s worst escapes.

More algorithms?

“Algorithms,” said Josh. “I deconstructed the dating and social apps at the time and figured out they just had a bad business model. Think about it. What happens when a dating site is successful? It loses your business, because you’re no longer in the market for a relationship. So rather than pair people up, we developed some pretty outstanding algorithms that enable Broken Box to create experiences that are compatible for every social situation from a first date to an group outing of old college friends or family.”

Broken Box is kind of like a Pandora Radio-style profile. Before you paint the town red, you tell the app who you’re going with. Broken Box then aggregates all of your friends’ likes and dislikes. It “considers” their complete profile, everything from food to music and then gives you recommended restaurants and entertainment options based on your group’s, or date’s, personality. And because Broken Box is constantly adding new restaurants and entertainment venues, your options are constantly evolving.

No more family fueds

“Everybody remembers the fight,” quipped Josh. “Where do you want to go? What do you want to eat? Broken Box is more food and fun, less fight. We’re the first app that offers instant group filtering. When you invite your friends out, you’re just one click away from an amazing entertainment experience.”

So if you want to meet the third-year-law-student-turned-rock-star-app-mogul, then be sure to grab your tickets to this year’s Digital Dallas Start-Up Comedy Roast.

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