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On July 27, < Art / Code > returns to Dallas! Curated by David Rodriguez (aka Dr. Gorilla), we’re bringing 15 of the coolest digital artists in town to show off their work at the Aria Stone Gallery. Recently, we caught up with Eric Trich, a local artist who is taking digital art in Dallas to new heights through his 3D projection mapping installations. Get to know Eric , and be sure to grab your tickets to < Art / Code > today!

Eric Trich

A graduate of SMU Meadows School of the Arts, Eric Trich began his career by experimenting with 3D modeling, animation and layering digital and traditional mediums. “This eventually led me,” Trich says, “toward creating interactive pieces using projection mapping and augmented reality.”

Eric Trich's Diffusion

Bridging the Gap

His first room-scale installation, DIFFUSION, which debuted earlier this year, featured a four-projector set and explored the nature of complex systems and how they adapt to change. Through his work, Trich is trying to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital. “The reoccurring theme behind my work,” he says, “deals with the potential technology has to liberate us from the limitations of our physical reality and how we evolve with these new tools.”

And talk about potential. As he prepares for <Art/Code>, Trich is also keeping himself busy designing virtual reality experiences using the HTC Vive. His goal, he says, “is to create a physical sculpture and also create a 3D model of that sculpture that people can interact with in a virtual world.” (If you’re thinking this sounds like being able to give a virtually-created “David” a high-five, then you would be right).

The Emotional Side of Virtual

Looking toward the future, Trich is excited to continue to explore virtual and augmented reality. “Once everyone has access to headsets that are affordable,” he says, “then we will see an explosion of content. Social applications are especially exciting.”

In the grander scheme of things, Trich believes that these technologies are taking art in a new direction. “Art,” he says, “is about stimulating people’s senses to feel certain emotions. The capacity of digital media to completely simulate other worlds and put someone into the shoes of others is such a powerful tool for creating empathy. Ultimately, it has the potential to help us become even more connected to each other’s experiences on a level that people haven't experienced before.”

And so, as you experience his installation at < Art / Code > on July 27, we invite you to take a step outside your own reality and into the future of digital art and expression. Looking forward to seeing you there.


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