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Digital Dallas focuses on growing the community of digital professionals in the DFW Metroplex and helping to brand DFW as a center of digital excellence in fields ranging from animation, creative, programming, marketing, entrepreneurship and everything in between. If it has a "digital" component, it's Digital Dallas.

Community Building

Digital Dallas focuses on breaking down barriers to professional community by holding events that go beyond traditional networking by bringing the entire spectrum of digital expertise together. Our events are not the traditional "happy hour" with name tags. They don't cost a fortune. They are engaging and often interactive. You will see and learn and meet people and things you never knew happened in DFW. You will come away with a few solid relationships instead of a pocket full of a dozen business cards you forget the next day.


Companies big and small doing amazing digital work in DFW are showcased at our events. We're all about illuminating all the great work being done by the community we help form.


Many of our events have an educational component. We're not talking boring lectures here. You'll get to hear from the community making things happen.


Once a year, we pick a technology making waves in DFW and highlight it with a huge party that involves the technology! We take parties and make them way more than a party. Ideas get born. Deals get done. Relationships formed. We strive to be epic and talked about for our innovation and focus on the community.

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