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I loving helping clients bring their brands to life. Whether it's traditional or B2B or digital or B2C (or all of the above), audience-focused strategy is the kindling and creativity is the kerosene. With both agency and in-house experience, I can offer:

  • Brand building, creative direction and creative concepts
  • Content strategy, generation and management
  • Social media strategy, campaign launches, ongoing content and engagement 
  • Writing and editing that fits the delivery format and engages the customer

As a war-tested veteran on the DFW advertising battlefield, I've been lucky enough to create work for Diet Coke, Neiman Marcus, Southwest Airlines, MAX Factor, Corner Bakery Cafe, IBM, Cingular Wireless, Uncle Julio's restaurants, Dave & Buster's, and plenty of Procter & Gamble consumer product brands.

And I'm HUGE on The Twitter: @UpperCasey

Casey Miller

Casey Miller


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