Inception Lighting: Our StartUp Roast is Gonna be Lit!

Here’s a riddle for you. What do you get when you cross a professional tennis player with a serial entrepreneur? You get a guy who serves up an ace start-up company that wins match point…every time.

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Meet Scott Eddins

For the locals amongst us, you might know Scott Eddins from his days as a collegiate (TCU) and professional tennis player. But after nearly a decade-long successful run in tennis, he retired his racquet to serve up a new kind of success, only this time in the corporate world.

“I come from a family with lawyers and so I thought that was the direction I was headed when I retired as a pro tennis player,” said Eddins. “But after getting more involved, I realized I could be more successful by providing tech to the legal community than I could as an attorney. My first startup tech company focused on mesothelioma litigation, which I built up and eventually sold.”

Enter Inception Lighting


That successful foray led to Eddins’ most recent start up – Inception Lighting. And let me tell you, this new company is lit…literally.

“When you see our residential and commercial lighting installations, you don’t see the lights. You see a proprietary crown molding that illuminates, changes colors and last for years,” added Scott Eddins. “We use our patented plastic, instead of metal, which dissipates the heat. That means our lights can stay up for years on residential and commercial properties without having to battle rapid degradation or fight electrical code compliance.”

Mood lighting for your house

But if LED lighting that changes color to fit your mood, or the holiday, doesn’t make you geek out, maybe Eddins’ tech will. Like your smart refrigerator or thermostat, Inception Lighting’s installations are virtually connected through the IoT. His programmable colors and themes, sure to appeal to the minimalist aesthetic, are run through a cloud based control panel that can be accessed via a smart device with an Internet connection.


It’s safe to say that Inception Lighting is already seeing growth at the speed of light. In fact, you can head on over to downtown Grapevine to check out some of Eddins’ illumination handiwork. And you’ll see more Inception Lighting projects pop up across North Texas communities, including Lewisville, in coming months.

For a company that put its stake in the ground almost five years ago, Inception Lighting’s growth has been impressive. With installations now dotting the U.S., the next phase will be to grow business in the States and expand overseas.

Shed some light

“We work with about 130 contractors who are installing our products across the country,” noted Eddins. “But, we’re looking to take the next step and want to raise some extra awareness to help us get there. So, naturally, I’m looking forward to being a part of this year’s Digital Dallas StartUp Roast. I’ve been involved in the Dallas startup community for a while now. So it’ll be fun to see what kind of bright ideas (pun intended) they find to poke some fun at us.”

Are you ready to step into the light and join Inception Lighting for a night filled with stellar comedy? Then be sure to join us Wednesday, April 19th beginning at 6 p.m. at the Dallas Comedy House in Deep Ellum.

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