Startup Comedy Roast 2016 Profile: NoiseAware

With the ever-rising popularity of companies like VRBO, Airbnb and HomeAway; hosts and vacation rental managers now have to deal with an increase in noise complaints. Often, those responsible for the property don’t learn there’s an issue until they receive legal notification.

This was the situation for local Airbnb host, David Krauss. Fed up with finding out about his Airbnb guest's loud parties days later when it was already too late, David teamed up with programmer Andrew Schulz, to develop an effective solution.


Meet NoiseAware

With guest-privacy in mind, NoiseAware, provides real-time noise monitoring through a non-invasive service. All a person needs to do is plug in NoiseAware sensor, join the WiFi network, set the quiet hours and customize the noise threshold. When the WiFi sensor determines the noise level exceeds the threshold, a notification is sent, ensuring the property owner or manager is the first to learn there’s a problem. The sensor is attached using the faceplate screw and a notification is sent if it’s removed or offline.

NoiseAware is also a potential solution to larger industry issues. Cities are currently introducing legislation to deal with the irresponsible short-term rental investors and managers. Unfortunately, this legislation often drives the responsible and well-meaning property managers out of business. The hope is that legislators will recognize that using a soft-security, noise-monitoring system provides early detection and action, enabling the industry to police itself.

Future plans for NoiseAware include a dashboard feature and additional intelligence to sense occupancy and vacancy.

Lessons Learned

(David) A start-up is really intense and you have to want to go into work every day and work all day. You also have to have faith and a good partnership – Andrew has been a godsend to me.

What has NoiseAware got most from the Dallas ecosystem?

(Andrew) I’ve lived in Maryland, Atlanta and now Dallas. The Dallas start-up community if phenomenal and very inclusive. We have been welcomed with open arms. There’s also a lot of smart people, technical talent and manufacturing in Dallas. This is important because NoiseAware is designed in Texas and built in Texas.

What does NoiseAware need most from the Dallas ecosystem?

(David) Andrew and I know the importance of staying engaged, attending conferences, speaking and making connections. We need to keep up the momentum and need the communities to help share our story.

What’s next for NoiseAware?

After successfully creating and manufacturing their product, Andrew and David have raised capital from a local investor to fuel a second production run. In addition, their focus is to solidify partnerships with the biggest industry players (to be named later), ramp up marketing efforts, feature enhancements and to explore how NoiseAware can benefit other industries.

Come meet Andrew and David from NoiseAware, two of the most energetic and interesting entrepreneurs I’ve encountered, and enjoy a bonus night of comedy on April 20th at the Dallas Comedy House.

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