Startup Comedy Roast 2016 Profile: KubOS

Space for Everyone

At the risk of being unfairly biased... we LOVE this particular startup on tap to be roasted next week. Seriously, open source software enabling anyone to run experiments in space? Um, yea! And it's right here in DFW! Enter KubOS.


Denton Space Cadets

KubOS founder Marhsall Culpepper and his team push boundaries up in Denton (as much a part of the DFW tech community as Mountain View is part of the Bay Area.) There isn't a technologist we have spoken to recently that doesn't confirm KubOS is the real deal.

What did you get most out of the DFW ecosystem?

In Marshall's own words:

  • Access to world class talent — the kind of software we develop is highly embedded and technical in nature, and thanks to the historic telecom, hardware, and defense companies in the area, and a plethora of good colleges, we have access to the talent we need to build our technology.
  • Low cost of living - DFW is one of the cheapest places to live in the US, making lifestyle changes manageable for taking risk for entrepreneurs with young children.
  • General support - People are generally involved and exited about what we’re doing, and have actively helped promote us and connect us to people that want to help. I generally love the “give first” attitude of entrepreneurs in DFW.

What do you most need now?

Mostly funding — we went out and raised a respectable seed round from outside of Dallas mostly, but could hire more developers and execute our mission even faster with more local investor participation, especially as we ramp up for a Series A next year.

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