Startup Comedy Roast 2016 Profile: FANSeye

As the former Assistant General Manager for the Dallas Stars, Frank Provenzano brings his 17 years’ experience in professional sports management to the fantasy sports world with the global scouting app, FANSeye.  The app draws on Provenzano’s background to give fans a forum that is tailored specifically to the sports conversation and that rewards people who contribute engaging and insightful content.

Meet FANSeye

FANSeye is a player evaluation app that takes the conversation “from the war room to the living room.” Through dual Twitter-like feeds, users can follow, scout, rate and track their favorite players in real time.  They can also follow and engage with other fans, earn FANSeyeQ points and strive to become a FANSeye Expert, which has the highest level of power and privilege in the platform.  In addition, by crowd-sourcing player evaluation, FANSeye serves as a one-stop shop for fantasy sports players, providing filtered player ratings and opinions, stats and real-time rankings.


Getting Started

Frank soon realized the idea was only twenty percent of the equation; the biggest factor being the execution.  Naturally drawn to building teams, he assembled a group of talented individuals supported by an impressive advisory board. The next challenge was the technical execution and ensuring a fun and easy user experience.  To meet this challenge, FANSeye hired an experienced app development company and enlisted the Sport Management departments at SMU, The University of Michigan and Ohio University as launch partners.


In Frank's Words…

Lessons Learned: 

When you get started you think the journey is personal and you want to keep your idea a secret.  What you quickly learn is that this is a shared experience.  To be a successful startup you need to network, participate in different groups and collaborate with others. What you learn is that this is actually a fairly common pathway where most people end up.  

What has FANSeye got most from the Dallas ecosystem?

I’ve run into a lot of people in Dallas startup community that will genuinely try to help me out as I navigate the bumpy road of getting from idea to reality. I like the community vibe when I get together with people in the “ecosystem.”

What does FANSeye need most from the Dallas ecosystem? 

More efficient access to potential seed/angel investors organized by investment interest. As someone new to the entrepreneurship world, I find I have spent a considerable amount of time chasing potential “angel” investors that seem to be more interested in early stage companies.

What’s next for FANSeye?

The focus for the next generation is to improve the NFL experience, incorporate our inaugural season learnings into functionality and add the NHL to the mix.  The team is currently vetting new app development companies, fine-tuning marketing strategy, and raising capital for continued growth.

Connection to Comedy

During the NHL lockout in 2004, Frank turned to improv and stand-up comedy.  He took workshops and classes and performed at the DC Improv and at Mouth Comedy Club as part of a Dallas improv group. He has found his improv experience particularly relevant to the world of entrepreneurship, as you have to “go big and attack the fourth wall” to be successful in both environments.

FANSeye is currently available on the AppStore and Google Play.

Come meet the Frank and the FANSeye team along with 4 other hot Dallas area startups, and enjoy a bonus night of comedy on April 20th at the Dallas Comedy House.  

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