Startup Comedy Roast 2016 Profile: Dangle

Plenty of startups have tried to figure out a way to get kids to do chores and tasks for their parents but DFW startup Dangle has finally figured out how to do it. Dallas native and US Naval Academy graduate Laramie Mergerson, took the pain he was feeling keeping track of his son Tre's homework and chores when he was at his mom's and turned it into a solution that worked. Tre is incentivized, tasks get done, and peace now reigns in the family (You parents know what that means!).


Meet Dangle

Manage the homework, chores, and extracurricular activities of your kids with an easy to use app. It's that simple. Now all those activities will actually get done based on how the app (or the parents, rather) provide incentives for their kids. We won't steal Laramie's thunder by telling you how. We'll let him do that in person. Hint: It's the dual interface that differentiates kids and their parents combined with the parent generated carrots. (Oh, Snap! that's where the name comes from) 

Dangle is currently in beta and live in the App Store. Dangle is offering free use of the app/service (grandfathered) to all Digital Dallas Startup Roast attendees! Laramie co-founded Dangle with his sister Mari and CTO Andre Smith.

What did Dangle get most out of the Dallas ecosystem:

Amazing feedback based on the "open communication between everyone in the entrepreneur ecosystem".

What does Dangle need most going forward:

Now that they are well into beta with customers, Dangle is raising a round of $1.5m. Given the current wave of funding in Dallas startups, Dangle should have plenty of pitches lined up.

Come meet the Dangle team and 4 other hot Dallas area startups and enjoy a bonus night of comedy on April 20th at the Dallas Comedy House.  

Tickets are required to attend this informative and hilarious event, so get yours today!

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