Making software make sense, with projekt202

This year, our friends at Dallas-based projekt202 have helped us put on some of our most memorable Digital Dallas events to date. We’re talking the Startup Comedy Roast. <Art/Code>. Digital Fight Club.

On November 2, they’re ready to help us blow the doors off The Bomb Factory with Surround Sound: A Music Technology Experience powered by Capital One, where you’ll experience music like never before. Until then, get to know this dynamic digital software firm and the waves they’re making in experience-driven application development.

If you work in digital in Dallas, projekt202 is a company you should know. For over a decade, they’ve spent their time creating compelling digital experiences and bringing them to market for a diverse roster of clients, including Neiman Marcus, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Capital One, The Container Store and Samsung Electronics. 

Today, their team of more than 150 researchers, designers, developers and digital marketing strategists is leading the way in experience-driven application development, and here to tell us about it is Jeremy Johnson, projekt202’s VP of Customer Experience. 

Jeremy JohnsonTo give you a quick backstory on Jeremy, he’s a guy who has been working in software design and development since before the iPhone even existed. Over the years, he’s moved from creating these experiences to helping evangelize experience-driven application development to Fortune 500 companies around the world. (And if you ever get into a digitally-heated debate, he’s a guy who can call the shots with the best of them. Just saying.)

Now, on to projekt202:

What is projekt202 and how do you help your clients?

The short answer is we make software make sense. We do that by designing and developing applications for the web, cloud, mobile and workplace to help businesses deliver the best possible customer experiences.

Based on our clients’ successes and results, we know that we’re positively changing the ways people and organizations around the world interact with technology. For over a decade, projekt202 has employed a unique, user-centric methodology that integrates behavioral science with application development. It’s one that tech research advisors at Gartner have recognized as the industry standard for application development.

How can companies deliver better digital experiences through projekt202?

Our approach is unique. We’re not building technology for the sake of technology. Our applications are based on truly understanding the people who will use them and applying that insight to help them experience technology in a more enjoyable and useful way.

Before we build a single line of code, we spend time with the people who will actually use the software. We find out how they work, what their needs are, what they want out of an experience and how they really use something as opposed to how they might say they use something.

By engaging users and customers in this phase, we’re observing real truths about the user experience. We’re incorporating their feedback, work habits, needs and desires into the core of the design process to make their experiences better. 

Our client successes through this customer-focused methodology speak loudly across many industries. Forbes cited an app we delivered for a national retailer as ‘‘Best Mobile Site Performance,’’ with a top score of 88 out of 100. For another company, our product redesign helped sales skyrocket from $240 million to over $1 billion. As a result of our work for yet another projekt202 client, the company rolled out the number-one best seller in its history, shipping more than 2 million units and voted ‘‘Best Product’’ three years in a row. 

Why is projekt202 excited to partner with Digital Dallas?

Digital Dallas is an institution here in Dallas, so who wouldn’t want to be a part of it? It’s a great way to interact with the most passionate designers, developers, marketers, entrepreneurs and more, all in one spot. That’s what projekt202 is looking for, passionate people who are looking to change the way we’re interacting with technology. 

We’re excited to be involved with Digital Dallas and can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.

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