Governor: Finally, a CMS with all the bells and whistles that’s easy to use and affordable

Digital Dallas sat down with Travis McElroy, Founder and Creative Director of The Old State, to get the scoop on their Content Management System, Governor, and how it’s done the near impossible of creating a tool that has all the powerful functionality required and an elegant, intuitive interface. Travis will also be demonstrating Governor at our Digital Dallas event this Wednesday, November 18th.

Digital Dallas: Who is The Old State and how has being in Dallas helped business?

Travis: We’re a Dallas-based web design and development agency named for our value of doing business the old fashioned way, which is placing greater emphasis on customer service and communication with our clients. Growing up in Dallas, I have found it to be a big, small town where making connections allowed the agency to grow organically, with no marketing spend.

Digital Dallas: What is Governor and how is it different from your competitors?

Travis: Governor is a Content Management System named for its ability to give users control of their web domain to keep it running smoothly. It stands out from competitors in a few ways: 

  • Faster to Install - A cloud-based system which uses a simple proprietary tag solution that can be embedded in any html and translates to a serious reduction in development time of 60%. What would normally take weeks takes only hours.
  • Budget Friendly - Up to 5x more affordable than comparable systems. 
  • Technical Specialization - We’re focusing on building an elegant, powerful CMS that allows easy integration and partnering with other systems/platforms like Magento to build best-in-class websites.
  • Carefree - 100% hosted in the cloud means never having to worry about keeping up with updates and site maintenance.
  • Intuitive - Elegant interface that’s simple for the end user and has solved content management’s biggest challenge by allowing focus to be on the customer experience and not technical functionality.
  • Proven track record - Earlier versions of Governor have been successfully used by big brands with varying degrees of complexity like NorthPark Center, TCU and Cubie. Check out their case studies


Digital Dallas: Looking at the future of content management, what’s the one thing more people should focus on that will be critical for websites?

Travis: Looking for a system that will grow with you. It needs to be future proof by being technology agnostic and flexible enough to allow for platform hopping.

Come see Governor in action at the Dallas Digital event on November 18th, beginning 6 pm at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center.

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