• Digital Fight Club 2018: Dallas

    First rule of Digital Fight Club...

    You talk about Fight Club!

    For the 3rd year running, we bring you Digital Fight Club. Not sure what a Digital Fight Club is? Watch Mark Cuban referee last year's AI fight: 

    Ten of the sharpest wits in Dallas will spar in 5 "fights" on the hotbed, undecided topics in digital technology today. Fight Club is powered by Accenture. Accenture Managing Director Andrew Hopkins, will once again lead a panel of 5 referees. The audience and Refs will judge the fights with our own Fight Club App. Mayhem, indeed!

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    The Fight Card

    Fight #1: Retail: Physical vs Digital

    Fighters: Daniel Black (Founder, Glass Media) vs Elie Finegold (EIR, MetaProp; former VP, Innovation CBRE)

    Fight #2: Smart Cameras/Smart Images

    Fighters: TBD

    Fight #3: Voice: Marketing & Control

    Fighters: Chris Ferrel  (Dir. Digital Strategy, Richards Group) vs Michelle Hagen  (CEO, Tandem Theory)

    Fight #4: Blockchain: Security & Trust vs Promise

    Fighters: Jaime Chambron (VP, Customer Engagement, NTT Data) vs TBD

    Fight #5: Design: Speed, Technology & Process

    Fighters: Brian Sullivan (Dir, Design Strategy, Sabre) vs James Helms (Dir. Design, Intuit)

    The Format

    • Opening salvo: 45 seconds each
    • Rebuttal: 30 seconds each
    • Ref's question: 15 seconds each
    • Ref's follow up: 15 seconds each

    Fight Referees

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    Wednesday, August 01, 2018 at 06:00 PM
    Granada Theater in Dallas, TX
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