dd:IMPACT - An addendum of recognizers and recognizees

We've listed the unedited additional responses to our original dd:IMPACT survey we conducted this month.

The first section shows the responses to the question:

"Who in Dallas challenged your thinking about the digital space this year or executed a noteworthy solution? How have their accomplishments or thought leadership enhanced your work or the city’s digital prowess?"

The second section shows responses to the question:

"What event in Dallas (put on by any organization) did you attend this year that taught you something new or connected you with valuable contacts? How did this help your professional network and career?"

Some of the responses to Question 1 were simply cut and pasted into Question 2 so we omitted them from this post, otherwise the responses are as entered. Thank you to everyone who added their thoughts and insights. 


Dave Davies, CEO, Beanstalk Internet Marketing

Bill Hartzer - I watch what he shares and promotes closely. He's a fountain of information and is happy to share. His insights into domain use is outstanding.

Sha Menz, Lead Software Architect, Web Based Innovations

Bill Hartzer and the team at Globerunner with the introduction of their outstanding due diligence service for domain purchasers - verified.domains

Kvein Jemison, Analytics & Optimization, Adobe

I think what Matt Alexander is doing with the Edition Collection is really pushing digital retail forward. No only providing curated goods but an entire curated experience that conveys the lifestyle that the brand is promoting in a way that is directly focused on their target market is some of the best execution i've seen. Plus they are really trying to support the industry in the city, huge impact on all fronts.

Jeanette Cajide, VP, Corporate Development, Dialexa

Robin Lawn Care Services out of Dialexa Labs. Robin faced the challenge of taking an archaic and highly-fragmented home lawn care market and making it as simple as the click of a button. With over 90,000+ lawn care providers with little to no quality information existing for most, getting a quote for service typically requires a phone call, followed by a service visit or a list of unfamiliar questions to answer. Payment for services still takes the form of cash or check collected in person, which needs to be coordinated and requires a lot of time. For lawn care providers, acquiring profitable customers within short driving distances is a challenge, communication between parties and crew is poor, and bill collection costs them 6-8% of their revenue and even more of their profits. Robin needed to digitize an offline process for providers to increase both efficiency and revenues. The company raised $1.2M and has been growing 65% month-over-month.

Tony Cecala, Community Organizer, DFW WordPress Meetup

Dan Sturdivant and Melissa Bourestom have consistently given back to the digital community with the Jingle Mingle, their annual holiday fundraising event for the Dream Fund. The Jingle Mingle is more than a fundraiser, it's an enjoyable evening to “mingle” with friends and colleagues across various industry groups. In the Jingle Mingle's relaxed atmosphere, it's easy to reconnect with colleagues, make new friendships, and even develop new business. Both new professionals and grizzled veterans will find the Jingle Mingle to be fun and valuable. I believe it is a cornerstone event for the digital community.

Andres Fabris, CEO, Traxo

Vinli (smart car app) and Rise (flights via membership model)


Purna Virji, Sr. Bing Ads Client Development, Micorsoft

DFWSEM State of Search Conference

Greg Gifford, Dir of Search, DealerOn

DFWSEM State of Search Conference

Arnie Kuenn, CEO, Vertical Measures

You really have to include the State of Search event held every November. It's a rock solid event covering all aspects of digital marketing. Very surprised to see it missed on your list so far. (oops, did not realize this was the next question, so repeating my answer.

Dave Davies, CEO, Beanstalk Internet Marketing

State Of Search - amazing lineup and information. I flew to Dallas from Victoria, BC, Canada just for that event and with over 15 year in the industry ... I'm fairly picky about which conferences I go to.

Duane Forrester, VP organic Search Operations, Bruce Clay

DFWSEM State of Search Conference

Chris Silver Smith, President, Argent Media

The State of Search Conference , hosted by DFWSEM, enabled me to network here in Dallas with some of the top voices in search marketing including, Eric Enge, Jennifer Slegg, Duane Forrester, and many others.

Gyi Tsakalakis, Founder AttorneySync

DFWSEM State of Search Conference -- Excellent people from attendees, to speakers, to vendors, to partners.

Bryan Mull, Digital Marketing manager, Mail Shark

DFWSEM - State of Search conference in Deep Ellum. Got to meet the masterminds behind Moz, Bing, and more!

Paul Dybala, President, Healthy Hearing

State of Search helps to keep me on the leading edge of the trends in search engine marketing. Running a website with over 1.5 million visitors a year that gets its traffic primarily through organic search, I have to stay on top of the latest trends and updates. Hearing from the best thought leaders in the world at a conference that I only need to drive 15 minutes to attend has been a huge benefit to me.

Sha Menz, Lead Software Architect, Web Based Innovations

State of Search conference, staged by DFWSEM (Dallas Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association). Incredibly high level of expertise amongst speakers and DFWSEM members made this an intense learning experience. Insights from Jennifer Slegg on Featured Snippets and Google Quality Guidelines was news breaking for the industry. This conference was carefully organized to provide maximum opportunity for interaction between attendees and speakers. Outstanding event!

Casey Markee, President, Media Wyse

I found a very visible omission from your list and that is the incredible "State of Search" digital marketing conference that is held yearly there by DFW SEM. The digital marketing conference was held at Deep Ellum in November of this year and was lauded as one of the top digital marketing conferences held in the ENTIRE World in 2015. That's not hubris. The event contained over 40 of the top speakers in the Digital Marketing world as well as keynote presentations from top representatives of Bing and Google. The hashtag #StateofSearch trended online for three full days and the conference has already generated a ton of early bird attendee registrations for 2017. Not only did the conference provide a great way for Dallas to showcase Deep Ellum to a large out-of-state contingent. But the event itself contained some of the finest thought leadership generated anywhere in Dallas during the current calendar year. I can only assume this was an incredible, but inadvertent oversight on your part. Because if you do anything with digital marketing, and do not know what "State of Search" is, then I can't help but question your credentials.

Samantha Cuellar, Account Executive, Inturact

State of Search - Networked with big influencers, learned about upcoming trends, found tools and tips to apply to saas marketing.

Paula Rhea, Product Marketing Manager, Dell SecureWorks

I attended State of Search - Dallas Ft. Worth in November 2015 and learned a lot about Search, SEM, local and best practices. I was a fantastic learning experience packed in to 2 days.

Kvein Jemison, Analytics & Optimization, Adobe

I attended the ATT Internet of Things workshop at the Foundry this year and it definitely jumpstarted my IoT knowledge.

Tony Cecala, Community Organizer, DFW WordPress Meetup

The Jingle Mingle: It brings me new business for the forthcoming year.

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