Dallas: Support These SXSW Session Proposals...Today!


Proposals for SXSW Interactive 2015 have been submitted and voting has begun for which panels and presentations will fill out the schedule for the five day conference. A number of Dallas area digital pro's are vying for one of the coveted spots and could use your support. Sign up for an account today to be registered to vote and then support our Dallas folks below:

1. Experiential Marketing: The Tech-Fueled Future: You've heard of virtual reality and infrared motion tracking and experiential marketing, but do know how these are being used to grow business and connect with consumers? Steve Dietz with 900lbs of Creative in Dallas will showcase these emerging trends and technologies that promise to captive your audience and deliver sales. Vote for Steve's session here.

2. Elephant Camo: Getting Big Data to Blend In: How are companies integrating Big Data into their business? Do they know what problems Big Data can solve, and how to go about putting in place a process for accomplishing this across an organization? Eric Swayne with MutualMind in Addison, will tackle these and other Big Data integration topics. Vote for Eric's session here.

3. Channeling Hollywood to Depict Cybercrime: What will cybercrime look like in 2020? Rik Ferguson, security research vice president of Trend Micro, headquartered in Irving, saw the future, and wanted people to see it for themselves. So he created a Youtube series to be launched in October, the trailer of which you can view here. Rik's session will walk through the development of this series as well as provide the unvarnished truth about the emerging threat of cybercrime. Vote for Rik's session here.

4. Fun Before Facts: Gamifying Learning: Matt Johnson, with Addison based Bottle Rocket Apps, leads development of mobile gaming experiences. His panel will explore the best ways to build gaming apps that engage a brands audience. Vote for Matt's session here.

5. Growth Hacking With APIs: Steve Floyd with Dallas based AXZM, will lead this presentation about everything you ever wanted to know about API's. How they can help grow and/or automate your business, or finding new lines of revenue using existing data to solve problems. Vote for Steve's session here.

6. The Science of Infographics: Why should you be taking advantage of data visualizations in your content? Why are data visualizations a great way to analyze and present data? Randy Krum from Dallas will cover these and more topics around the benefits of creating data visualizations. Vote for Randy's session here.

Know of someone in Dallas proposing a session for SXSW 2015 Interactive? Let us know in the comments below.

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