Digital Dallas - < Art / Code >

< Art / Code > is back! Come see 15 of the coolest digital artists show you their magic. Curated by the winner of the 1st < Art / Code > digital art competition, Dallas' own David Rodriguez a.k.a. Dr Gorilla

Here's a picture from the last < Art / Code > where a programmer extraordinaire made a digital graffiti spray paint can and canvas. Seriously.

Grab a ticket and join us to see who might become your next creative director.

Come and enjoy complimentary drinks and hors d'oeuvres and see where Nerd meets MoMa.



July 27, 2016 at 6pm - 9pm
Aria Stone Gallery
1617 Hi Line Dr
Dallas, TX 75207
United States
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John Stalle ·
Heather Noel Stephen Wylie Adam Love Helen Oldham Chris Williams Christine Sulkis Cristina Moreno Dustin Joost Elaine Torres Don Gaster Alison Cupito Allison Paschold Casey Miller Michael Tinglin Micah Boswell Ian Penn Sean McCarthy Josh Hammerquist Cris Baadsgaard Jacob Follis Melissa B. Gonzalez-Valentin Kari Presswood-Perlman Melanie Hecko Tere Topete Katherine Dollar Andrew Turner Jordan Turner Joe Dyer Julie Boschetti Heath Stallings Michael Sitarzewski Emily Diersing Brad Grabowski Allison Wolf Pia Anderson Chris Garcia Eric Cuellar Kyle Cockerham Charles Monroe Paul Echols Ariel Davidson Greg Allbright Shannon Chirone Alicia Ray Hannah Ridings Bret Redman Madeline Nelson Mark Lea

Would you like your mind blown?

$105.00 - 7 Tickets: The Jeremy Package
$75.00 - 5 Tickets: Blow my company's mind
$50.00 - 3 Tickets: Blow 3 minds
$30.00 - 1 Ticket: < Art / Code > & Digital Fight Club Twofer
You will get a Digital Fight Club ticket too
$20.00 - 1 Ticket: Blow my mind!