AMPlifi SPORTS: the Def Jam of sports technology

AMPlifi SPORTS is a truly disruptive open sourced software platform and killer application that’s helping Amateur Athletes gain a competitive edge and break through the clutter with the hottest sports performance technology.


“Our purpose is to help the kid, and the parents, while so many are out to hustle them. Frankly, I grew tired of seeing it. We are staunchly committed to helping young athletes develop, build their profiles and reach full potential on and off the court or field of play. The core problem we solve is uniting the athlete and youth sports ecosystem with Super Data. Right now, everyone is operating in silos. Where I grew up in Blue Collar Pittsburgh, you were taught to watch your front, your back and your sides too!"

Enter AMPlifi SPORTS

"Our platform features both hardware and software (with advanced analytics) for the parents and coaches to understand how they can improve their athlete’s skills, and level set expectations so everyone can make more informed, real-time decisions throughout." What put AMPlifi SPORTS on the map of the $9 billion youth sports industry was Patton's invention and introduction of A+TECH, the first truly wearable tech for the youth sports market, as Chief Executive of LET IT FLY (LF) Performance with his partner, NBA legendary 3-point specialist and 2x World Champion Mike Miller.

The Texas Triangle

Right now, Erin’s team is focused on basketball and football with the launch of it's "Texas Triangle" beta this Summer with plans already in place to scale and quickly expand into other sports, as well as digital content and music. "We are the Def Jam of sports technology. We know what the kids want and how to talk to them. In the end, our brand will carry the day. While the suits are cozy in the suites, we are making noise and creating digital surround sound in the streets!"

For those of you who want to know what Erin and his team at Amplifi Sports are all about – and possibly want to be a player within the most coveted demographic on the planet - be sure to be a part of the Digital Dallas Start Up Comedy Roast. Haven’t snagged your tickets, yet? There’s still time, click here to be a part of the this year’s comedy roast.

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