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  • On-time package delivery? It’s not a far-fetched idea.

    Apartment living is the ultimate social experiment. From thin walls that give you more insight into your neighbors lifestyle than you want, to the fight for the last parking spot, to those awkward resident pool parties. Yah, it’s safe to say that communal living is not for the weak.

    But all those “amenities” pale in comparison to the aggravation that apartment dwellers face with package delivery. Lost. Stolen. Late. Broken. Sig required. Undeliverable. The list of excuses for failed deliveries are endless. However, on-time package delivery within an apartment complex isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. In fact, the team at Fetch is well on its way to making package deliveries something that makes living with hundreds of your favorite transient besties a little more palatable.

    Fetch is the first off-site package solution for apartment buildings – as well as one of our brave Startup Roast contenders. We recently talked with Michael Patton, founder of Fetch, and a corporate-finance-guy-turned-delivery-superhero, to learn more about his new package solution concept.

    Come see Fetch get roasted on May 23rd!

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  • How to turn your PICKUP truck into a revenue hauler

    Grab a ticket to this year's Startup Comedy Roast

    On any given commute through Dallas, you’ll see hundreds of them. Big, bright, shiny trucks. Texas, after all is the truck capitol of the world. I mean, c’mon, Ohio didn’t get its own Buckeye State Edition Ford F150.

    Tragically however, most of these trucks will never fulfill their destiny. They’ll never have an off-road experience or haul anything of consequence – besides, of course, that good-looking digital marketing exec.

    But our friends at PICKUP are changing all of that. PICKUP is not only helping truck owners turn their urban crawlers and mall monsters into revenue-hauling machines – they’re also one of our stars at this year’s Startup Roast. We caught up CEO Brenda Stoner who’s leading the charge to make PICKUP the standard in 2-hour deliveries for heavy items.

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  • AMPlifi SPORTS: the Def Jam of sports technology

    AMPlifi SPORTS is a truly disruptive open sourced software platform and killer application that’s helping Amateur Athletes gain a competitive edge and break through the clutter with the hottest sports performance technology.


    “Our purpose is to help the kid, and the parents, while so many are out to hustle them. Frankly, I grew tired of seeing it. We are staunchly committed to helping young athletes develop, build their profiles and reach full potential on and off the court or field of play. The core problem we solve is uniting the athlete and youth sports ecosystem with Super Data. Right now, everyone is operating in silos. Where I grew up in Blue Collar Pittsburgh, you were taught to watch your front, your back and your sides too!"

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