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  • 2016 Digital Dallas Call for Participation

    We have awesome opportunities to participate in our 3 events remaining in 2016. We're not talking (yet) about volunteers. If you are interested in any of the listed opportunities just check the appropriate box and we will contact you immediately, if not sooner. Read about the events below and sign up to participate at the bottom. 

    < Art / Code > - July 27, 2016

    What: 15 digital artists who create their art with code will show off at Aria Stone gallery in the design district. We will also have a competition between 2 selected teams

    Opportunity 1: Your'e a digital artist who creates with code and want to be seen, get hired, sell your wares. We will pick 25. Last Art / Code we had 100 submissions. Will it be you?

    Opportunity 2: You want to help make this show happen. Yes, with your check book. Why? You want to get in front of talent, creatives, coders and agency types. 

    Digital Fight Club - August 24, 2016

    What: We actually talk about this fight club. Panels are boring. Let's put 5 groups of 2 up on stage with a moderator to have at it on a digital topic. We'll source debate topics from our community and choose the 5 best (read: most controversial)

    Opportunity 1: You fancy yourself the Gore Vidal or William F. Buckley of the digital landscape and want to throw down and get some expertise exposure in the process.

    Opportunity 2: You fancy yourself a company on the forefront of digital thought and want to power an event like this as part of your marketing and hiring plan.

    Surround Sound: A Music Technology Experience - November 2, 2016

    What: For our big end of your bash, we want to highlight all the work being done around DFW in the area of music technology (startups to big companies) in the creation, distribution and consumption of digital music (and boy is there a ton around here!) We're talking 2,500 people at the Bomb Factory. But we need your help.

    Opportunity 1: You are a startup/company in the music tech space and want to show off what you've got to 2,500 digital fanatics.

    Opportunity 2: You want to make this happen because getting in front of 2,500 digital fanatics (programmers, creatives, entrepreneurs, agencies, animators, gamers) would kill all of your branding and marketing and sponsorship birds with one stone.

    So check the appropriate box and we will contact you ASAP.

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